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Accelerating Genomic Discoveries in Pediatric Populations

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Inspired by a common vision of accelerated genomic discovery, collaboration, and improved clinical outcomes, leaders at Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH), Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC) and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) have come together to create the

Participating Institutions

Our Vision

Accelerate genomic discoveries in pediatric populations by creating a collaborative network of pediatric research institutions with the ultimate goal to improve clinical outcomes.

Develop a multi-institutional collaboration to produce the world’s leading cohort of pediatric subjects representing the full spectrum of diseases and conditions, with availability of samples, detailed phenotypic, and omics data.

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Accelerate discovery

Why We Do It

The most significant barrier to research in pediatric personalized medicine is the ability to identify and recruit sufficiently large patient cohorts with deep, aligned phenotype and genotype information to advance discovery and improve care. The extreme phenotypes and rare diseases found in pediatric patients create a tremendous opportunity to understand many aspects of disease, but the first step is to confirm a correlative relationship between phenotype and the underlying genomics. A nationally interconnected, harmonized multi-institutional infrastructure can bring together the power of numbers to accelerate research into the genetic causes of disease.
Our work includes significant effort in establishing multi-institutional legal and regulatory agreements to facilitate data sharing through a secured federated environment. By synergizing the collective academic and clinical assets at each institution, GRIN will help scientists make novel molecular discoveries, accelerate the translation of genomic findings to clinical care, pharmacogenomics and establish a culture of collaborative medicine across pediatrics benefiting children.
The combination of genetic and health information from the three leading pediatric institutions into a usable, scalable infrastructure creates an unparalleled capability. This unique resource will form the foundation for landmark insights into the genetic basis of pediatric and adult disease, as well as accelerating the advent of precision medicine for child health.

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