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Working Groups

GRIN is organized into multiple working groups to address governance, policy issues, and operational design. Each working group independently assesses the needs for their topic area under the guidance of working group site leads and the working group chair. Working group chairs are selected from the site leads and report to the Executive Committee.



The current GRIN working groups include:

Biomedical Informatics Working Group

  • BCH Site Lead – Sek Won Kong
  • CCHMC Site Lead – Keith Marsolo
  • CHOP Site Lead – Deanne Taylor

Legal Working Group

  • BCH Site Lead – Chris Kirby
  • CCHMC Site Lead – Kristen Safier
  • CHOP Site Lead – Gelvina Stevenson

Regulatory Working Group

  • BCH Site Lead – Susan Kornetsky
  • CCHMC Site Lead – Jeremy Corsmo
  • CHOP Site Lead – Amy Schwarzhoff

Scientific Working Group

  • BCH Site Lead – Joel Hirschhorn 
  • CCHMC Site Lead – Andrew Dauber
  • CHOP Site Lead – Ian Krantz

Sustainability Working Group

  • BCH Site Lead – Irene Abrams
  • CCHMC Site Lead – Andrew Wooten
  • CHOP Site Lead – Zev Sunleaf